from the hack artist OFF HVND, No.Use is a series of 9261 randomly generated skulls on the Etherium blockchain. (OFF HVND isn’t clever enough to come up some cool lore or whatever, so you can just make some up.) holding one of these stupid things will give access to gated merch, physical rewards, and exclusive nfts that will never hold any value.

it’s a race to the bottom. 

MINT is Live

0 /9261


As we continue to make poor decisions, Utility

will be revealed and logged.

Stop yelling at me I’m doing my best, alright?

– discord server opened:             (join here)

– mint date & price reveal

– mint is opened to the public

– contract and website updated

– pinball game released (desktop)




No.use is a collection of 9261 unique nfts, 9240 randomly generated, and 21 predesigned rare tokens pseudo-randomly sorted throughout. All are unique, some more so than others…

All no.use nfts are erc-721, stored on the ethereum blockchain, and hosted on ipfs.

Mint price: Wl 0.0013 ETH

Who made this crap?

OFF HVND is an artist located in the northeast United states. known for drawing skulls, hands, and other basic shit, he is destined to fade into obscurity any moment now…

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9261 randomly generated, hand drawn, totally useless skulls on the ethereum blockchain. it's art or whatever.